Thursday, August 8, 2013

Time Flies...

Well, I'm not sure where to begin this post! We ended 2012 with the decision to place our home in Louisiana on the market and make the Orange Beach/Gulf Shores area our home base! We spent the prior two years commuting between Louisiana and Alabama every week due to my work schedule of seven days on and seven days off. Anticipation was living in the Wharf Marina and we were determined to spend as much time enjoying her as possible!

Good bye Donovan Drive!!!

We were excited and shocked at the same time that our home sold in less than two weeks! Decisions needed to be made relatively quick at this point and the search for our new home began! Thankfully, we have a great friend in the real estate industry right where we need her and Carla Weeks joined our search for the perfect place.

We decided on a condo with a boat slip to allow more time on Anticipation rather than spending the time it takes to maintain a home, yard, etc!

I continued working and we continued the commute each week until the end of March; by the end of April we were in our new home, renovation complete and ready to be settled in our own place again! It was a long four months but we are excited and very pleased with our decision to make the move! We are still in the settling process, storage being our biggest challenge to overcome but we will work it out eventually!

Meanwhile we are enjoying life! Most mornings we have coffee on the balcony and watch the river come to life and cocktails in the evening to watch the sunset!

It is a wonderful thing to be able to have Anticipation in our "back yard"
Sunsets are stunning almost every day!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Nurses Gone Wild!

August 2012 
My Nursing colleagues are very dear to me...every now and then we take a few days to kick back, relax, and let loose! We leave our nursing stations, our patients, and doctors behind...and shake off a bit of stress! No beeping IV machines, no laboring Moms or epidurals to monitor, and no crying babies!
The Lazy River at The Wharf's Oasis was a great place to start... chased away by a thunderstorm after only a couple of hours sent us back to the condo for a few beverages and then the weather was all clear again. BEACH TIME :-)
My darling Captain returned from his road trip; got a good night of rest then took the girls out to Fort McRea our favorite spot!

The girls look really relaxed... or maybe they were

Mimosas to the rescue!


Once again we are ready for a good time!

Of course Anticipation gets a little attention too....she gets her butt washed while we are out! Hahaha.... the nurses will have nothing to do with washing butts while on vacation...sorry Captain!
Well we decided to head back to the Marina before another little storm poped up but on our way the thunderstorm sent us greetings... so everyone retreated inside for cover!  I believe this was the first time we used the Helm inside.

Lightening subsided and the girls decided to feed the birds...little did they know they would be cleaning poop... on vacation or not if those birds caught up with us! Just Saying! lol

What a great ending to a beautiful day! A little music... a little dancing... a lot of adult beverages!!!


Girls just wanna have fun! oh oh girls just wanna have fun!


Max! Stop filling my glass!!!

Well, another great girls trip! I look forward to many more....Love those girls!
Always remember...your life is in good hands when a nurse is around ;-)

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Where did the Summer Go?

I guess time really does fly when you are having fun! The Summer was merely a flash and we have enjoyed spending time with family and friends on Anticipation. As the cooler weather settles in I fondly reflect on the past few months.



The Kiefferle-Bower family
Dana and the rest of the Kiefferle girls with mom Darlene looking out for dolphins on our way to Perdido Pass. Ava on the left was less than impressed with the "Spiderman" life vest she was forced to wear!

I wonder how well Ella's binoculars are working!
Rob, Jimmy, and Bob 
We were graced with the presence of our very own Rock Star (center)!

 Ava and Jennifer port side watching for daulphins!

Jimmy and Dana...the newlyweds!
Since this trip Jimmy and Dana have discovered they will be parents some time in March!

Remkes Time!

A couple of weeks later Shelly and Kell were our first couple to spend the weekend on board Anticipation. As usual we hand a splendid time with them while sharing a few cocktails in the sunshine!

 floating down the lazy river with wife "in-toe"... Pardon the pun!

It's always nice to have the condo amenities available for a change of scenery!
A walk on the beach at sunset...lounging around...oh and of course there were cocktails!

The best two couples on the beach!

One can't help but notice these girls are pampered very well...

Another fabulous sunset sky!

4th of July week

Taking a little ride to Florabama for lunch with Billy, Kim, and family...

Kelly....beautiful inside and out!

Jimmy and Billy
great friends!

Deep conversation...must be solving the world's problems

Did I mention how happy we are together?

Gotta love those smiles!


Spending time with friends is truly priceless...

Viewing 4th of July fireworks from the bow of Billy and Kim's boat at The Wharf Marina.

The Callahan's 

Anthony, Suzy, Dill Pickle, & Grant out for a little cruise to Fort McRae

Dillan...cute and cheesy!


Mr Cool! Grant watching out for the wild life!


It really is a joy to spend time and share the things we love with our friends!

Dillan looks like some sort of bug with these goggles!
We had a beautiful day playing in the crystal clear water!